Our Beers

Stretch Session Ale – 3.9%

An easy drinking ale with a beautiful tropical fruit nose that carries over into the taste. With its light mouthfeel, this beer is full of flavour and perfect for a session. Find that hint of citrus coming through from the yeast, ready to enjoy on a hot day…or any day really!

Tiny Raspberry Gose – 3.5%

A fruited, entry level sour with a beautiful pink hue. You cannot miss the raspberry on the nose and initial taste, that evolves into salt and coriander seed giving it a nice tart finish. A very inoffensive and approachable sour making it an instant hit in summer.

Beanstalk American Pale Ale – 4.5%

A beautiful American style Pale Ale with hints of floral, tropical fruit, pine and resin combined with a bready flavour and just a smidge of caramel to round it all out. The balance between the hop flavours and malt profile, makes this a definite crowd pleaser.

Goliath New England IPA – 6.6%

Lovingly referred to as our “breakfast juice”, teeming with ripe tropical fruit that you can smell a mile away from the glass. Don’t forget the new yeast that throws some apricot in the mix, it’s a pleasure to drink and smell. A classic NEIPA soft, pillowy mouthfeel coupled with the opaque nature of the beer, it’s well worth sinking your teeth into!

Big Fella Red Rye IPA – 5.9%

This big boy packs a punch! Aromas of caramel and toffee mixed with dank bitterness and citrus flavours from the American hops. This taste mixing nicely with the rye spiciness, makes for a beautiful malt-driven IPA. The big hops also give some nice citrus and pine notes to round out this beer. Giving a lovely red hue, this beer is definitely a favourite for us!

Lurch West Coast IPA – 6.6%

This is the OG IPA. Brilliant pine, resin and citrus aroma coupled with a nice bready malt and a touch of honey all the way through. With a lingering bitterness on the back end this beer takes you back to the original West Coast IPA style.

Lanky Stout – 5.0%

Filled to the brim with beautiful dark chocolate and coffee notes. A light creamy mouthfeel that dries out on the palate right at the end bringing you back for a second sip. The English hops used bring in some earthy grounding and a subtle spice flavour that rounds out this beer nicely.

Yeti Amber Ale – 3.5%

A malt forward English style beer with notes of toffee and biscuit hitting your palette early. Followed by some dark fruits rounding out the beer as a great easy drinker in the cooler months.

The Barun Coffee Porter – 4.0%

A smooth coffee forward beer with subtle hints of chocolate set with lower carbonation to help give a creamy texture & light mouth feel.